DIY Patio Lounge

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After months and months of trying to look for an L-shaped sectional in my price range and that would stand up to my crazy family of kids and cats and dogs, I finally found some DIY plans from Ana White’s website for the Weatherly Sofa. It looked simple enough although I had never built more than shelves in our closet however I love DIY and making things so I figured why not. 20131103_175049 Please forgive the rest of the Lanai as I still have a lot of work to do out here to make it my tropical oasis. I hung curtains up and rescreened the whole lanai. I have changed out the carpet just recently but haven’t taken another photo yet, I still need to make a coffee table. This is a solid piece of furniture, it takes two people to just move one section (it comes apart in two).


Starting Out

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, I love DIY, creating new recipes, gardening and discovering new places to travel to. This blog will help me keep track of my adventures, failures and the day to day craziness that happens in life.